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If you plan to immigrate to another country, or get married, adopt, or work abroad as a healthcare worker or a teacher, you will be asked to provide an apostilled medical letter as part of your visa application portfolio. Some countries also require an apostilled negative Covid test result for entry. 
If you were offered a job in a foreign country or going abroad to continue your education, your US-issued academic diploma would need to have an apostille to become legally acceptable abroad. Global Apostille provides apostille service for academic diplomas issued by high schools, trade schools, colleges, and universities from all of the United States. If your academic diploma was issued abroad, you will need to contact the government offices of the country that has issued your diploma.
If you plan to travel abroad for work, study, or other reasons that will require you to stay long term, and if the country of your destination is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, you will be required to provide an apostilled FBI Criminal Background Check for the entry visa.

An original Green Card is not required for apostille processing. You can make a color copy of your Green Card and have it notarized by a local notary public. A copy must bear an affidavit (a written statement confirming that a color copy is indeed a true color copy of your permanent residency card).

If you plan to study or work in a foreign country and have received a diploma from a US educational institution (school, college, university, etc.) you will be required to obtain an apostille on your US-issued diploma for it to become valid for use in another country. 
Obtaining an Apostille on your Power of Attorney (POA) prepared in California is simple when you let Global Apostille take care of it. Before mailing your Power of Attorney to us make sure it meets the following basic requirements for a Power of Attorney in California.
You may be asked for a California apostille on a Background check report from the local Police department, local Sheriff’s state office, or California Department of Justice. If the country of your destination requests an apostille on your background check issued by the Police department or the Sheriff’s office, you will need to have your Background check letter drafted and properly notarized by California licensed public notary, and the notary should use the appropriate notarial affidavit for the State of California. 
In California, the County Clerk or California State Registrar provides certified copies of marriage applications, certificates, and verifications. A marriage certificate is a certified document confirming that the couple has officially been married. 
In California, you can obtain an original death certificate directly from the State of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in person or by mail. Please note that death records are only available from CDPH Vital Records after they have been recorded by the County Recorder's Office. Due to the delays resulting from this process, CDPH Vital Records recommends that death certificate certified copies be requested from the County Health Department or the County Recorder's Office for the first 3 months after the event of death.
If you were born in the state of California and want to move to a foreign country for work, study, marriage; or plan to obtain dual citizenship, you will need to have your birth certificate apostilled. An apostille confirms the authenticity of your birth certificate, the stamps, and signatures on it, and makes it legalized for use in all member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. 
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