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Apostille for Certificate of Nonexistence of Record

Need an apostille for your Certificate of Nonexistence of Record issued by Homeland Security (USCIS)?

A Certificate of Nonexistence of Record is a formal document from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), indicating they don't have any records of the named individual either as a permanent resident or holding a certificate of naturalization. Such a certificate can be essential for various purposes, including immigration processes, evidence of U.S. citizenship, or for personal reasons.

Pondering Dual Citizenship with Spain?

For U.S. citizens aiming for dual citizenship with Spain, certain prerequisites are essential. Broadly, you might be eligible if:

- Spanish Lineage: If you can trace your roots back to Spanish-born ancestors, there's a possibility you could claim Spanish citizenship, irrespective of how long ago they migrated.
- Marriage to a Spanish National: Marrying a Spanish citizen might grant you eligibility after a certain duration of residing in Spain.

- Residence in Spain: Living in Spain for a specific time could pave the way for potential citizenship.

Once you're confident about meeting Spain's eligibility criteria, you'll need to liaise with the Spanish consulate in the U.S. to initiate your application. Achieving Spanish citizenship can be a lengthy process, often requiring ample proof of eligibility, form submissions, and potential interviews.

The documents you might need to apostille include:

- Certificate of Nonexistence of Record
- Birth Certificates
- Marriage Certificates
- Death Certificate
- Divorce Decree
- FBI Background Check

Bear in mind that while the U.S. recognizes dual citizenship, in some scenarios, they might solely view a dual citizen as a national of the other country. Hence, before embarking on this journey, consulting an immigration attorney would be prudent to grasp any implications.

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