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FBI and Local Background Check

Apostilling a Background Check is easy as 1-2-3!america apostille service

1. Download and complete our order form.

2. Mail your original document and the order form to us. Rush processing (one business week) is available for FBI Background Checks (standard processing may take up to 8 weeks).

3. Receive your apostilled Background Check at your address anywhere in the world!

Please visit Our Services page to begin the process of making your documents legal in a foreign country.

Global Apostille can obtain an apostille for background checks issued by any of the 50 U.S. States, including those issued in the District of Columbia. Background checks can be obtained at the city, county, state, or federal level. Requesting countries will often let you know which type of background check you will need. 

To request a backround check from the FBI, please contact the FBI directly by following instructions on their site. Once you obtain your FBI background check document, mail it to us to get an apostille. **Rush processing (one business week) is available for FBI Background Checks (standard processing may take up to 8 weeks)!**

Many countries still request checks from local police and sheriff’s departments as well as from the Department of Justice (DOJ). If a local police or sheriff’s department background check will suffice, you can have the office draft a letter and notarize it. The officer’s or deputy’s signature must be notarized on the document. The notarized background check can be mailed to our office for apostille processing.

If a background check is needed from the Department of Justice, you can contact the DOJ for your state to find out its procedures for issuing the check. If you are already in your destination country, the local U.S. Embassy or police department can assist you in getting a background check from the United States. You can be fingerprinted where you are and complete any necessary forms needed to obtain your background check from the United States.

Obtaining an apostille can be a complicated process and should not be left to someone that does not understand all of the steps involved. Untrained persons that do not understand all of the tasks involved for certification in each country are more likely to make errors, which will delay the processing of your documents for days, weeks, or even months. Instead of wasting time and money with non-professionals, let Global Apostille handle the apostille for your background check.

Questions? Please view our FAQ page or visit Contact Us page.

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Doha, Qatar
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