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Birth Certificate Apostille

Obtaining an apostilled birth certificate is crucial if you plan to relocate to another country for education, work, marriage, or to obtain dual citizenship. An apostille verifies the authenticity of your birth certificate, including the seals and signatures, ensuring its consistent recognition among countries participating in the Hague Apostille Convention. For non-member countries, your birth certificate will require legalization through the appropriate Embassy or Consulate.

Global Apostille can handle the apostille process for birth certificates issued by all fifty States and the District of Columbia. While every state can issue an apostille for a birth certificate, the requirements may vary across states. This makes obtaining an apostille for a birth certificate non-uniform, emphasizing the importance of relying on professionals like Global Apostille to manage the process on your behalf. Securing a birth certificate apostille is a complex procedure that should only be entrusted to experienced professionals. Placing your vital documents in the hands of unqualified individuals unfamiliar with each country's unique requirements may result in financial losses and considerable delays in your essential affairs.

Expertise is necessary when handling complicated matters, so we recommend allowing Global Apostille to manage to obtain your birth certificate apostille. As each State has distinct requirements for obtaining an apostille on birth certificates, we advise you to consult with us before sending your original documents. Various entities, such as courts, health departments, provinces, cities, or parishes, may issue birth certificates. Although all 50 states can give apostilles for birth certificates, the process and prerequisites vary from state to state. Therefore, relying on experienced professionals like Global Apostille is advisable to secure an apostille for your birth certificate.

You can reach out to Global Apostille for assistance with your birth certificate apostille by calling their toll-free number at 866-416-0747

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"I just wanted to let you know I received the DHL package with the apostille documents in superb condition, with everything neatly organized. Wow, what an amazing job- thank you so much!"
Jack Okorn
Doha, Qatar
"Global Apostille helped me obtain apostilles for my personal documents that I had to take with me to my home country. They did a quick and efficient job and saved me a lot of time!"
Selin Ho-Li, Student
"When I was trying to get OCI Processing for my son done in India, I came to know that birth certificate Apostille should be submitted. I was not aware of such a thing. I was not sure whom to trust, I have sent emails to few agencies who said they will get it done. The one thing I really liked about Global Apostille is their prompt response and clear communication through emails."
Vijay P.
Hyderabad, India

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