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Will and Trust Apostille

Do you need to apostille a Will and/or a Trust?

Global Apostille can process apostille on a Will and/or Trust. We have been assisting clients with document authentication for use abroad since 2004. We apostille wills, trusts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, background checks, and much more. Global Apostille is your unbeatable source for apostille services!  

If you need to apostille a will or a trust, contact Global Apostille today! Our experts are available Monday through Friday from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Please call us at 1-770-447-0360 or toll-free 866-416-0747, and we will answer all your questions and offer easy-to-follow detailed instructions.  

What is the difference between a will and a trust?

Essentially, wills and trusts are estate planning tools created for the protection of your assets and their easier transfer to your heirs. To protect your assets, you can prepare both documents. 
A will is a document that expresses the wishes of a deceased person for distributing the estate, cash, and other assets to family members, or other people, and naming guardians for minor children. A will comes into effect only after the death of a person who signed it.

A trust has the same functions as a will, except that a trust becomes active the day it is signed, and a grantor may distribute his/her assets before the death. There are two types of trusts: irrevocable trusts and living trusts. The former is often created for tax purposes and cannot be altered after they are signed. The latter can be adjusted by the grantor.

How to obtain an Apostille on a will or trust?

Typically, the executor of a will needs to present the death certificate, a grant of probate, and the last will and testament. Typically, the last will and testimony are annexed to the grant of probate and receive one apostille.  However, some countries require that the last will and the grant of probate be considered as two separate documents, and, therefore, must each be apostilled.
An original will does not require notarization before it can be apostilled. If you have a copy of a will, you will need to notarize it at a notary public office before you can submit it for an apostille service. 

A trust document needs to be notarized before it can be accepted for apostille processing. You can also obtain an apostille on a certified copy issued by the Superior Court.

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