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No Record of Marriage Apostille

Why Do I need an Apostille on a No Record of Marriage (Affidavit of Single Status)?

An Apostille on a No Record of Marriage is needed if a person plans to get married in a country – member of the Apostille Hague Convention. A No Record of Marriage is basically a notarized statement from a person attesting that he/she is not legally married anywhere and, therefore, is eligible to wed in a foreign country. A No Record of Marriage (Affidavit of Single Status) can also be called as:

Affidavit of Civil Status
Affidavit of Marriageability                                                                                                                    
Certificate of Freedom to Marry
Certificate of No Impediment for Marriage
Certificate of No Record – Marriage
Certificate of No Public Record  
Eligibility to Marry
Single Status Affidavit

How can I get an Apostille on a No Record of Marriage?

You will need to contact the County Clerk Office and request a document attesting that you are currently not married to anyone. This document may be called a No record of Marriage, a Single Status Affidavit, a No Record of Marriage, etc. Usually, the County Clerk Office has a special form.

This form, issued by the County Clerk Office does not need to be notarized. In rare instances, the County Clerk Office does not have an established Single Status form. In this case, you can prepare own affidavit and have it signed and notarized by a notary public. If you are located outside of the United States, you can visit the US Embassy or Consular Office and request assistance with preparing a No Record of Marriage document. 

Once you receive your No Record of Marriage, you can mail it to our office for an apostille. If your No Record of Marriage document was issued by the Consular office outside of the United States, it will receive an apostille from Federal government office in Washington, DC. Otherwise, an apostille on your Single Status Affidavit will be processed by the state which issued or notarized your document. Thus, if your No Record of Marriage was issued by the County Clerk office in Texas, an apostille on it will be issued by the State of Texas. Or, if you prepared own No Record of Marriage statement and had it notarized in the State of Florida, your document will be apostilled by the Florida Department of State. 

Ready to apply for an apostille on a No Record of Marriage (Single Status Affidavit)?

Global Apostille can apostille Single Status Affidavits notarized in any of the US States. We have been assisting clients with document authentication for use abroad since 2004. We apostille single status affidavits, background checks, passports, travel consent letters, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, wills, and much more. Global Apostille is your unbeatable source for apostille services!  

If you need to apostille a No Record of Marriage document, contact Global Apostille today! Our experts are available Monday through Friday from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Please call us at 1-770-447-0360 or toll-free 866-416-0747, and we will answer all your questions and offer easy-to-follow detailed instructions.  

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