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Apostilles – International Students

Apostilles for International StudentsStudents that come to America have many adjustments to make while also completing their academic work. Cultural and language barriers, new cuisines, different rules and laws, time zone adjustments, and the paperwork that must be completed to enroll in U.S. institutions can be a tough task to overcome. When carrying out the tasks of getting admitted and completing school in the U.S., international students must remember to get important documents such as diplomas and transcripts certified through the Apostille process before returning home so they will be accepted in their home countries.

Apostilles are an internationally accepted certification that allows documents originating in the U.S. to be used in foreign countries. Diplomas and transcripts that are not properly certified through this process may not be recognized in the destination country where the student intends to work and live.

The apostille process can be puzzling when dealing with the U.S. Secretary of State, especially for foreign students who speak English as a second language because they have to fill out an application that is accurate and also have it notarized, along with paying fees and receiving multiple approvals. In addition, different countries require certain approvals, and students who attempt to complete this process on their own are likely to skip necessary steps that will undoubtedly delay the processing of their documents. This can be critical in cases such as when a foreign employer needs to process paperwork for a student that has just been hired out of school but they cannot continue the process until they get the student’s transcript. If the student tried to get an apostille for this document on his own and it gets rejected by the destination country, the student risks losing the job.

Therefore, use a service such as Global Apostille’s to give you peace of mind when preparing your documents for academic use. We can get all of your necessary documents apostilled and back to you quickly. Reach out to us and we can get started today.

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