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Georgia Death Certificate Apostille in Atlanta

Do you need to obtain an apostille on a Georgia death certificate in Atlanta?

A death certificate is an official recording of the cause, date, and place of death, signed by a physician. An apostille on a death certificate is usually required for:

– Inheritance settlement 
– Interest and Ownership in Property
– Selling a property in another country                                                                                                             
– Various legal reasons

At the Georgia State Office, death records are available from January 1919 to the present for deaths that occurred in the State of Georgia. Some counties may have older death records in their files. 

How can I obtain an Apostille on a Georgia-issued death certificate in Atlanta?

First, you need to obtain an original or a certified copy of the death certificate from the Georgia Department of Public Health. In Georgia, you can request this document in person, by mail, or online.  To obtain a copy of a death certificate from the Georgia Department of Public Health you will need to complete Form 3912. Georgia-issued death certificates may also be purchased online through

Once you have a copy of the death certificate, please mail or bring it to our Atlanta office and we will process an apostille on it. If you need to have your document shipped internationally, we will be happy to arrange the shipping for you for an additional fee. 

Obtaining a death certificate apostille is a complicated process and should always be handled by professionals only. Remember that trusting your important documents to incompetent people unfamiliar with the specifics of each country, may lead you to extra expenses, and delays of your important business by weeks, or even months. Complicated matters must be handled by experts, and that’s why we recommend that you trust Global Apostille to take care of obtaining a Death Certificate apostille in Atlanta.

For any questions, please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us page.

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