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Georgia Background Check Apostille in Atlanta

Do you need to obtain an apostille on a background check in Atlanta?

An apostille on a background check is usually requested for:

• Obtaining dual citizenship
• Getting married in a foreign country
• International employment
• International adoption
• Teaching English as Second Language abroad

Before you apply for an apostille check what type of background check you will need.  If you need a Criminal History Record issued by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, then your background check will receive a Georgia apostille. Georgia Secretary of State Office can certify only Georgia Public State Documents. If you were asked to provide an apostilled FBI background check, then an apostille will be done by the US Department of State in Washington DC, since the FBI background check is a federal document. 

How can I obtain an Apostille on a background check in Atlanta?

First, you will need to contact an approved FBI Channeler or the FBI directly and request an FBI background check report. If you need help finding an authorized FBI Channeler, please contact us for assistance. 

Most frequently, FBI background check reports are provided in a digital format. In this case, you can e-mail us a copy of your report.  If your FBI background check was sent to you by regular mail (hard copy), please mail the original document to our Atlanta office. 

Obtaining an apostille on a background check is a complicated process and should always be handled by professionals only. Remember that trusting your important documents to incompetent people unfamiliar with the specifics of each country, may lead you to extra expenses, and delays of your important business by weeks, or even months. Complicated matters must be handled by experts, and that’s why we recommend that you trust Global Apostille to take care of processing an apostille on your background check report in Atlanta.

For any questions, please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us page.

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