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Apostille on Proof of Residency

Why do I need to apostille my Proof of Residency?

If you plan to apply for dual citizenship or a long-term visa, many countries require legal proof that you have residency in the United States. Documents that are typically accepted as proof of residency are a driver’s license, utility bill, home phone/internet bill, mortgage statement, lease agreement, letter from the employer, etc.  If your destination is one of the 117 member-countries of the Hague Apostille Convention, your proof of residency must be apostilled. The most common countries to require an apostilled proof of residency for a visa or dual citizenship application are China, India, South Korea, Greece, and Switzerland. 

How can I get an Apostille on a Proof of Residency document? 

First, check with the country of your destination what documents they will accept as proof of residency, and have this document signed and notarized by a notary public. Make sure you select an experienced licensed notary for notarizing your proof of residency and that he/she applies proper notarial affidavit on your document. Once you have your Proof of Residency document notarized, you can mail it to our office for apostille processing. Keep in mind that an apostille on your Proof of Residency will be issued by the same state that had your document notarized. So, if your proof of residency was notarized by a public notary from California, an apostille will also be issued by the state of California.

Ready to apply for an apostille on a Proof of Residency document?

Global Apostille can apostille Proof of Residency documents notarized in any of the US States. We have been assisting clients with document authentication for use abroad since 2004. We apostille proof of residency documents, background checks, passports, travel consent letters, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, wills, and much more. Global Apostille is your unbeatable source for apostille services!  

If you need to apostille a Proof of Residency, contact Global Apostille today! Our experts are available Monday through Friday from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Please call us at 1-770-447-0360 or toll-free 866-416-0747, and we will answer all your questions and offer easy to follow detailed instructions.

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