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Getting Apostilles for Important Documents

Getting Apostilles for Important DocumentsThere are many types of documents that can be submitted for an apostille. Some of these documents include proof of residency, doctor/employer authorizations, and other non-governmental papers. These documents may need special preparations such as notarization to be eligible for an Apostille.

For example, a letter from a doctor stating that a person has passed a physical exam and is fit to travel abroad may need to be signed by a doctor and notarized before it can be apostilled. A certified copy of a driver’s license or residential lease agreement may also need the same authorization. U.S. states do not maintain an official residency database when citizens move into an area so the above documents can serve as proof when properly certified because foreign countries often accept these types of apostilled documents. An affidavit must be made by the custodian confirming that the documents are correct and true. Most states require that a document signed by a custodian must be notarized before it will be apostilled.

TIP: Ensure that you take your documents to a reputable notary public who will perform the notarization properly according to the rules where the notary is commissioned. Improper notarization can cause delays in a document being apostilled. Global Apostille provides document review services at no cost that you can use even if you plan to obtain an apostille on your own. Simply scan the document and send it to us - we will review it and provide guidance on any further steps that may be necessary to get your document(s) apostilled.

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"When I was trying to get OCI Processing for my son done in India, I came to know that birth certificate Apostille should be submitted. I was not aware of such a thing. I was not sure whom to trust, I have sent emails to few agencies who said they will get it done. The one thing I really liked about Global Apostille is their prompt response and clear communication through emails."
Vijay P.
Hyderabad, India
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