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Apostille for Corporate Documents when Doing Business Abroad

The    apostille is a genuine authentication applied to documents by the Federal government that will allow them to be accepted overseas.

Companies that carry our business in other countries often need to certify important documents such as powers of attorney, contracts, letters of incorporation and other papers that are necessary to complete transactions abroad. The process of executing documents and signing contracts in other countries is sped up by having the documents apostilled. This includes activities such as entering into lease agreements or opening bank accounts.

The Hague Convention is made up of 156 countries. The members of the Convention require the use of Apostille certificates when businesses from other countries are submitting documents for registration and transactions abroad. If you plan to do business or use documents on another continent such as Asia or Europe, check with the destination country to verify which documents you will need to apostille because this process requires a number of certifications and signatures that need to be acquired at different governmental levels. Apostilles allow notary publics to witness the signature of official documents by employees of a company with the proper authorizations. They can also witness the signing of documents such as name changes, affidavits, and more while guaranteeing that the documents are authentic and executed by the intended persons or parties.

The apostille process is complex so it is very important that you use a service provider who is experienced in the certification process and has done apostilles for documents that went to the country that your documents will be going to. Incorrect processing of apostilles can cause delays and waste your time and money, especially if they are rejected. Global Apostille has plenty of experience in getting documents apostilled for numerous countries. Give us a call today at 770-447-0360 and we can get started on your documents. 

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