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Do you have documents that need to be apostilled through the US Department of State – Office of Authentications? Do you need to complete form DS-4194?
The United States Department of State DS-4194 form is required when requesting authentication service on documents submitted by U.S. citizens and foreign nationals for use overseas. The Authentications Office is in charge of signing and issuing certificates under the Seal of the US Department of State (22 CFR, Part 131).
Does your FBI Criminal Background Check need an Apostille?
The most popular countries that require apostilled FBI background checks are Belgium, China, and France.  If you are planning to work or study in any of these countries, you will need to obtain an Apostille on your FBI background check and your diplomas. Also, if you want to apply for dual citizenship from Spain or Italy, you will need to apostille your background check and your birth certificate.
Does your Certificate of Citizenship need an Apostille?
Children born abroad to U.S. citizen parent(s) might be eligible for United States citizenship based on the parents’ citizenship, with the condition that the parent(s) and the child meet certain requirements.
Do your GED Diploma and school transcripts need an Apostille?
Are you an international student who completed your GED exam online and now needs to apostille your digital diploma and transcripts?
Do you need to obtain an Apostille on certified copies of documents from the National Archives?
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation’s record keeper that has offices all over the United States.

Were you asked to obtain an Apostille on your diploma? 
If you wish to work or study in a foreign country, you will be required to apostille your Diploma.

Do your documents require an apostille from the United States Department of State – Office of Authentications in Washington D.C.? Do you have documents issued by the Federal Court that need authentication from Washington D.C.? Were your birth, marriage, or death certificate issued in the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)?
Does your Marriage Certificate issued in Florida need to be apostilled?
The State of Florida requires that a Marriage Certificate is issued by the Circuit and County Courts in the County the marriage was recorded.  To apostille a Marriage Certificate in Florida, you will need first to obtain a certified copy signed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The certified copy must be embossed with a raised seal and a stamp from the Circuit and County Courts.
If you think of retiring in another country you will need to prove to the government in the country of your future residence that you meet their minimum monthly retirement income requirement. For that, you will need to provide an apostilled Social Security Income and Benefits Statement.  Generally, this document is required for an application for an extended stay or permanent residency visa. The Embassy/Consulate of the country where you plan to retire needs an official statement from the US Federal Government showing that you will be receiving a guaranteed monthly income to be able to stay in that country long term or permanently. 
Does your Criminal Background Check require an Apostille?
If you have not received your FBI background check yet, first, you need to contact an FBI Channeler.  In some cases, the FBI Channeler is not able to assist you (for example, if you are not a US citizen).  In that event, you must contact the FBI directly. Please contact our office if you need help finding an FBI Channeler, we will be happy to provide a list of trusted FBI Channelers or a direct link to the FBI website.
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