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California Apostille

Do you need to use a public document issued in the State of California in a foreign country? If you do your document will require an apostille or an authentication certificate.  We are here to help you obtain California apostille for any public document

What you need to know about apostille services

An apostille is a special certificate that authenticates the signature of a public official on a document intended for use outside of the country of its issue.

What you need to know about Apostille on FBI Criminal Background Check

Apostille on FBI Criminal Background Check is a fairly standard requirement for people going abroad to study, work, or for other long-term stays. Also, if you plan to adopt a baby, get married, or become an ESL teacher in a foreign country, you will be asked for an apostilled FBI background check.

What you need to know about Birth certificate apostille

The main function of a birth certificate apostille is to validate the authenticity of the signature of the document for use in a foreign country – a member of the 1961 Hague Convention. 

University Degree Apostille

Does your University Degree require an apostille? An apostille is usually requested to prove that your degree is legitimate and true. Before your Degree can receive an Apostille, it needs to be signed by the University’s Registrar and notarized.

DC Apostille

Do your documents need an apostille from the Office of the Secretary of District of Columbia, or the U.S. Department of State – Office of Authentications? In the District of Columbia, an apostille is issued by the Secretary of D.C. or the U.S. Department of State.  Depending on the type of your document and the country that requests it, the apostille on your document will be processed from one or both of these offices.

Bank Statement Apostille

Do you need to obtain an apostille on your Bank Statements? Did you have to provide an apostilled copy of your most recent bank statement?  Did you need to prove your income or source of funds?
Before you can obtain the United States Apostille on your bank statement, you need to have it signed and notarized. To notarize your bank statement, you can do one of the following:
- You can request that your bank representative (Branch manager) signs and notarizes your bank statement.
- You as an account holder can visit a local public notary and have your signature signed and notarized.

Apostille to Obtain Dual Citizenship with Mexico

Are you a US Citizen interested in acquiring dual Citizenship with Mexico?  Does any of your parents hold a Mexican passport? To obtain dual Citizenship with Mexico, you need to apostille your US birth certificate.

Apostille for India

Legalization of documents like affidavits, bank statements, salary statements, employment letters of the applicant, power of attorney, color copy of Indian passport, copy of documents issued by U.S. authorities (Passport, Driver’s License, corporate documents, etc.) requires notarization before the Secretary of State office can issue an apostille.

Passport Apostille

If you plan to open a bank account or purchase a property abroad or enter into an inheritance in a foreign country, you will most likely be asked to obtain an apostille on your passport to confirm your identity outside of the United States.
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